About ME

Hey visitors!

Welcome to my lair! You can remember me as Hiba Shakil (my real name) or by my nom de plume/self endowed nick-name Whifaxa D. Lou Czar (Whifaxa The Loser). It’s probably a smidge bit more tempting to call me this isn’t it? My thoughts exactly…

Her Highness Whifaxa D. is a teenage girl, boiling away under the scorching, incandescent glory of the sun and mind adrift in some strange, far off skies.  A person with quite little to do with time so she decided to make a blog. That’s that!

So what’s there to say about me? My hobbies include reveling in my solitude, pampering myself and indulging in a daily rendezvous with The Cranium. Furthermore, I have a volatile personality that has morphed into at least a few hundred forms to date.

Do enjoy reading this blog, which is simply about me, my interests, the randomness that afflicts the world and probably more!

Criticism in all its forms is welcome here with arms wide and open. So never hesitate to share your opinion!



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