Malala Yousufzai. Her name is a synonym for bravery, out of the norm opinions, resilience and the age old expectations for change – also very cleverly making her the perfect candidate to provoke people’s fragile emotions.

Malala is just a child. Malala is an education activist. Malala survived a Taliban attack. Malala has been everywhere in the news. Malala is suddenly the west’s favorite now. Malala suddenly awakened everybody’s humanity. People with Malala’s courage and moral fiber do deserve everyone’s respect but isn’t it just inhuman that world had to see a child shot in the head to realize that?

Malala has been carved to rise as some international symbol for freedom and resistance. Ugh. Why should that be necessary? And how is this even justified? Malala is just a child; all this bad publicity in the start is what actually endangered her life. And some may argue that she is in the US’s care (read: US’s selfish, hypocritical, ulterior-motive-inducing care) there’s hardly anything harming her now is it? WELL WHAT ABOUT THE REMAINING POPULATION IN SWAT? IS SHE THE ONLY PERSON IN ALL OF SWAT WHO RESISTED THE MILITANTS? Malala has been handpicked and saved but what about the reminder of children and helpless families that have to suffer at the hands of Malala being glorified by the media every day? At the end of the day they are still children and it is morally disgusting to place so much responsibility on their shoulders. And for the record it’s not what they want either. Isn’t using children to represent war related atrocities unethical and unhealthy? Whoever thought of this is clearly a blundering baboon. -.-

More reasons to oppose the hype that circulates Malala: PEOPLE DIE LITERALLY EVERYDAY AROUND THE ENTIRETY OF THIS WORLD, bombings and shootings kill and injure unnumbered amounts of humans and there is a new thing every day. So why does Malala Yousufzai get so much recognition? Why did Obama not hold his helicopter for all the other kids? Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate her sentiments and the cause she stands for. But, what about the millions of other war victims in countries other than just Pakistan? Does this not negate their sacrifices and bravery? Thousands of people are targeted by the militants alone. And what about the innocent civilians that dying due to the drone strikes aiming to chivalrously obliterate the same militants. So please, are they not deserving enough and isn’t it ridiculous to label Malala the only ‘bravest girl in the world’?

It seems to me that none of this is going to achieve anything at all in the long run. Malala’s story is heart-rending and inspirational; she speaks of education, war, child rights, feminism and bravery – all sensitive issues. People sympathize with her, the militant’s barbarity angers them and they yearn for justice. All of this gives the media an excuse to demonize the Taliban even more, resorting to people supporting Obama’s drone attacks. Again: how will this achieve anything? The US has been droning for quite a while now. The militants are still alive and thriving. Don’t let them play with your sentiments, nothing is getting fixed. End of story.

Also, something else that really bothered me is how everybody in the west is being such sissy puss-faces about how much they love Malala. A few examples: Madonna, Beyonce and Angelina Jolie. Jolie and Beyonce are kind of understandable because they have advocated and misused social issues in the past too to expand their respective fan followings. But seriously, since when did Madonna become so humane: “This made me cry,” Madonna said. “The 14-year-old schoolgirl who wrote a blog about going to school. The Taliban stopped her bus and shot her. Do you realize how sick that is?” “Support education! Support women!” she shouted, to the crowd’s cheers of approval. Awwwwww. Your face is sick. Go to hell. -.-

I think it is pretty clear that the western media is using Malala to prove the barbarity of the Muslim world. She is being institutionalized to represent Pakistani women as silent sufferers that need saving by them – all of this is a ploy, an excuse to continue their unwanted interventions. If they cared so much, they’d have supported her before she became an international icon. Back when she was speaking against the Taliban on her own before she became victimized. So, all of them, words and just dishonest words.

Oh and apparently, Malala has been quoted  as referring to Obama as her idol? Really don’t know how she can stand not wanting to drive acid spiked forks into that chihuahua dumb-nut of his? Not sure if it even is true but she was apparently pro-west which is why the Taliban attacked her in the first place. It’s saddening to see that her family is allowing their child to be misused like this. I feel really sorry for her.

If anybody is interested in reading in-depth analyses of this issue, this and this should prove useful. They are a lot more professionally written and better argued. Definitely worth a read.

End of rant. Over and out.


4 responses

  1. They have white washed her and turned her into a media tool. The mainstream media never reports on how Malala actually supports the oppressed in using brutal force to up-rise. It is disgusting how someone;s struggles can be used to make profit.
    Your thoughts are a little scattered here as are mine. But it feels good to rant, doesn’t it?
    l I know is that she is not an internet meme and unless everybody stops treating her like one, I will turn into a fire ball of rage and explode on humanity.

    • Yes of course scattered they are. This issue remains a cliffhanger. Nobody knows what to do with the taliban. Nobody knows if Malala’s endeavours will bear fruit. So many scattered thoughts. So much confusion. 😦
      Thanks for your input.

  2. I totally agree. The kind of support west is providing to Malala Yousafzai and her voice for freedom and education seems to be actually a struggle for profit making, damaging her cause, and earning her a bad name in her country.

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