Healing Life Through Poison

calmEver felt tangled in a web of undeterred  difficulties? Ever experienced trying every honest, complete and desperate measure to improve them? Ever felt that despite these attempts, calamities crash down upon you like a mountain of poisoned spikes and knives? Ever felt maltreated, forsaken and betrayed by life? Well, then consider yourself blissfully lucky – yes that’s right!

Sometimes people incur a loss or battle problems that aren’t the cause of mistakes or carelessness on their part but things that just happen. Fates conspire against them. They feel trapped in a maze and the only solution available is to drag life along like an disgruntled, disinterested child  – in all simplicity, to silently torture themselves through it. This may seem utterly foolish and radical at first but, tolerating poisonous misfortune is what strengthens us and is what makes a person’s life all the more successful.

Chemotherapy – poison battling against poison to achieve well-being. Orphans, widows, bankrupts, objects of people’s piercing envy, accident sufferers or victims of injustice, these people must always strengthen themselves to live normally again.  We learn something new after gaining victory over bad experiences. The widows, orphans and all these simply unlucky people must challenge themselves by expressing a blatant disregard for the damage these experiences can cause. Through their bravery, they gain independence, learn the ways of the world, understand the art of self-improvement and learn of the sadistic nature of people . They learn to fight poison against poison.

A positive approach to problems teaches us to adapt, to distinguish ourselves from others and to gain pure success in the end. Even the basic theory of evolution supports this ( just the primeval idea, this post is still anti-Darwinist friendly 😀 ). Introduce a change of environment (problem), organisms change their characteristics (adaptivity) and ‘survival of the fittest’ (distinguishable success). Whenever piqued by difficulties we must recognize them as difficulties and accept change. They may be intellectual challenges at school or work or even having to deal with weird, confusing, bipolar humans. We must find solutions to these problems which makes us successful as we may discover a hidden potential or even gain a chance to develop a non-existent potential. We shouldn’t be afraid of difficulties as they are going to change us anyways, there is hardly anything to lose.

Undertaking challenges and shoving ourselves through risky situations isn’t such a bad idea after all. There is no wisdom in playing it safe or protecting ourselves from danger. That’s how misers behave, protecting their treasures forever and never gaining advantage of them. A sword is a mere lump of contaminated metal without the metal undergoing extraction, smelting and the days of shaping, tempering and hammering. Imagine all that happening to a human…shudders run through the spine. But this is precisely what shapes a sword into the symbol of chivalry, power and potency it is renowned as. Dealing with problems is taxing and will change us, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. However, we must endure this torture; we do have to always lose something to gain something better and bigger, don’t we?

So, if you have had bad luck equivalent to seeing 1000 black cats or going under 1000 ladders, then worry not. Your misfortunes will take you places. If you feel plagued by a lack of brains, resources or talents, then that’s motivation to improve.

They say that you cannot have too much of a good thing, so maybe little sprinkles of a bad thing shouldn’t be shooed away. Problems may come thrashing their way through to us, shrieking blood-curdling threats of misery and failure. What do we do? We simply welcome them with a warm, friendly embrace…perhaps around the neck…with a rope… 😉



15 responses

  1. Well written…interesting approach towards tackling problems and hardships….might take your advice of embracing them….seems difficult though.

  2. Well said and an excellent documentation of ideas MA…..our dealing with problems differentiates a common human being and leaders and heroes whether they are famous or not.. not everyone can embrace fate with a smile as it comes……

  3. Good times don’t last for long,likewise bad times don’t last for long too.You need to have a very strong will power to battle circumstances and have faith in yourself.. just another curve in life and not the end 🙂

  4. A very optimistic approach! Really helped! Been going through tough times and well, this was a very interesting take! 🙂
    Wonderfully written as always 😀

  5. Hiba, this is brilliant work, mA. Precise and interesting, with smoothly flowing words. Amazing talent. 🙂

    At a time like this, your work proves to be helpful. thankyou, Hiba.

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