Sam ‘Imbecile’ and Innocence of ‘Anti-Muslims’

Whenever groups of people like nations, societies or religious communities undergo problems and have to face controversy and insult, they either react to it with a violent rage or sheer indifference. I’ve always been of the latter sort, I try being as less opinionated as I can, shoving any thoughts about the issue to the back of my mind and keeping mum about it altogether.

So when I found that all previous attempts of Muslims boycotting anti-Islamists and protecting their religion’s honour have once again proven to be in vain, I knew that this time at least I had to express an indication of dismay. If we strain our memories a bit we’ll remember that the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ that has gone viral recently isn’t the first time the pure nobility of our religion and the Prophet SAW has been attacked.

Riots are flaring up, people are dying, Youtube is being boycotted and Muslim governments are exercising all their efforts to have the film vanished. I completely understand that it is an absolutely unimaginable sin to mock the Holy Prophet SAW and this anger is a 100% justified. I haven’t even seen the movie; the very first dialogue was enough make me sick to the stomach! But after trying to view the situation in a different light, I had some mixed feelings about the motives that are spurring the Muslims’ reaction and what will be achieved from all this. And this is what this short, ramble-y post is all about.

So the boycott started on the 20th and will stagger on for the next two days however, this boycott seems like a very poor idea to me. Upon hearing about it, the first thought that came to my mind was that there are a lot of Muslims to whom Youtube is a profession and they work tirelessly to make an income out of it. How is this fair to them? Furthermore, the Prophet SAW grappled with similar situations very often in his lifetime and he always preached being peaceful and forgiving, not vengeful. And here we are doing the exact opposite of that by creating hype. The last thing we want is popularity for the creators of the film (which definitely is why they began this) and add fuel to the viciously violent protests raging!

Speaking of the Muslim protestors around the globe, do I even need to point out how abysmally brainless they are? What these riots/boycotts aim towards is for people to realize how horribly atrocious their actions are because it’s painful how badly misunderstood our religion is. But honestly how does blowing up your own country improve any of that?

In addition to all this I see so much hate and blame being shoved at Americans and/or Christians in general. I find it plainly silly to assume that they represent the makers of this film, so why should they be punished?

Lastly, do we actually imagine a random filmmaker to care enough about us, who conjures up some film just to express how much we bother him? It’s quite obvious that our weakness is being targeted to intentionally anger us and carry forward the pathetic ‘Muslims are terrorists’ stunt. We need to stop promoting them, end the Youtube boycott and the rioting. Don’t let the anti- Islamists get the satisfaction and attention they don’t deserve. Please, be sensible people!


5 responses

  1. good job hiba…only if this mob mentality knew that they are doing no service to islam or to the prophet(saw) for that matter by looting,burning and plundering thheir own country….

    • Thanks so much Miss Maliha! 🙂
      This is so sad and pointless that it becomes depressing at a point. Things are bad enough already without them acting like idiots. Hope it stops real soon. 😦
      Thanks again for your feedback. It really means so much!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Boy, am I wordy.
    I think the entire thing is very shady to begin with. And both sides are behaving so childishly it is ridiculous.
    I am not even going to talk about how their form of ‘retaliation’ itself is a complete contradiction to what the Prophet preached and practiced. I am talking about how hypocritical it is to show your ‘love’ for the prophet by burning down stuff over a childish movie (that you always have the option to ignore anyways but oh well…) and staying quiet while millions of the Prophet’s people are being oppressed, droned, raped, orphaned, etc in so many countries.
    The Prophet I have grown up believing to be a messenger of God will not be concerned about how you stopped watching Youtube (which has nothing to do with that movie but again, oh well…) for a day or two to prove your love but he will have a lot to say how you kept quiet while his people were being killed and you sat there claiming that you had no political power to do anything about it. Hypocrites.
    On the other hand, I am so so done with you, west.Not because you made that childish movie. It doesn’t go against your freedom of speech rights and all that mumbo jumbo so feel free to talk trash about whatever you want to. Really.
    Don’t you dare tell me that this is the 21st century and I need to sort out priorities. Don’t you dare tell me what I can or cannot be offended by. I know you have spent centuries telling people of color how to live your life but this has got to stop. I am NOT letting you exercise all those white privileges. I repeat: Don’t ever dare tell me what I can or cannot be offended by.
    Yes, that movie offends me and if this makes me backwards in your perspective so be it.
    Hiba, you did a wonderful job by taking such a calm approach on such a flammable topic. Good job, girl. Just don’t feel apologetic about what a certain portion of Muslims are doing. You have no reason to apologize to the world.
    PS: I should really make a blog again so I could have replied decently instead of leaving an indecently long comment. Sorry!

  3. Those protestors were only embarrassing themselves and putting their own lives in peril. I may feel sympathetic for their idiocy but never apologetic. The best way to get back on the filmmakers would have been to ignore this film right from scratch. That’ll teach them to never aim their so-called ingenious strategies at Muslims to defame them, and as you said, that is also how the religion instructs us to react. The film is such an obscene pile of balderdash that why did people even feel the need to be offended by it in the first place. I’m pretty sure every breathing person has seen a Muslim in their life do a deed worthy of respect. And did we really expect people to believe that the prophet of a religion would’ve been as corrupt as they have claimed? It’s really not that easy for the whole world to start respecting anti-Muslim bigotry. Why are we so insecure?

    Something that really is just disturbing though is how I saw people around me become so pessimistic after seeing the violence. They literally lost their senses because of the anger they felt at the people protesting. Calling your own people names and just accepting this as the reality of each and every one of us, getting depressed by it and berating themselves, that’s what educated, supposedly mature adults were up at. Losing hope is worse than the dementia the protestors were busy flaunting!

    Even though all of this is so saddening and I feel such a sinking, saddening feeling every time I think of it, it seems like the phrase “Allah does everything for the best” has again proven true. At the end of the day, we were still the victims and the majority of people are still going to side with us. You’ll be so pleased to know that seeing how all this was crippling the Muslims’ respect, some students were organizing preaching ceremonies and were working hard in general to let people know that Islam is, without a doubt a beautiful religion! And not everybody in the world starting setting the streets to flames. A friend told me that people in Morocco dealt with the crisis by praying! 🙂

    Carrying the optimism forward, let’s hope the match today races its way to victory!

  4. Lol, it’s never a problem at all to speak your heart out, especially when you’ve always got a truckload of awesomeness waiting to be articulated!

    Thanks soo much for taking time out to read my post and leave your opinion, I’m sure everyone’ll benefit from it! You truly are an ocean of amazing when it comes to being a bestie! *hug* :’) :’)

    Oh, and how about reincarnating Writealogue now? 😉

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