Sam ‘Imbecile’ and Innocence of ‘Anti-Muslims’

Whenever groups of people like nations, societies or religious communities undergo problems and have to face controversy and insult, they either react to it with a violent rage or sheer indifference. I’ve always been of the latter sort, I try being as less opinionated as I can, shoving any thoughts about the issue to the back of my mind and keeping mum about it altogether.
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The Greenhouse Gas Effect…Whited Out?

Entwined amidst the suffocating humidity in the air, I sit outdoors. Smeagol* is golluming away perched on my lap and the ground feels like red-hot branding irons melting their way through my skin. Beads of sweat are steaming off my brow and my clothes are plastered to my skin like leeches. I hear the bone-dry throats of birds squeaking a subdued twittering as the sun has us enveloped in its majestic, blinding glare. A sigh drifts from my lips…

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