Colors…Fuel for Living

Have you ever tried to imagine a world without color? It would be a place with no calming sky blue to set you at peace and no shades of sunny yellow to excite our ecstasy.

The world would be an emotionless, depressing and quite a lackluster place to be in.

It seems to me that color is yet another blessing of God that we take for granted. It is color that helps us to express and comprehend emotion. For instance, a tomato-red face expresses embarrassment or anger. While pallor helps us to detect grief or illness.

However, something that fascinates me is that these beautiful colors seem just incomplete in the absence of “colorless colors” like black and white. A smile adorning a pair of rosy red lips just doesn’t seem radiant enough without a set of pearly white teeth peeking out. Furthermore, a jet black pupil is what makes the color beautifully stand out in a baby’s sapphire blue eyes.

So feel blessed, for there are some amongst us with afflictions that prevent them from experiencing the wonders of this miracle called color. Step out from within the drab grey shadows and embrace all the charming colors of the world.  Explore places, discover new colors and lure yourself into a state of absolute gaiety!



4 responses

  1. OMGGGG!!! m.A
    I totally agree with you. Colours are what makes our life beautiful.
    They play a very big role in playing with our emotions. Different colours make us feel happy, sad, angry, sympathetic, empathetic and allow us to experience many other emotions.
    I couldn’t even for a second imagine what life would have had been like without colours :O
    Well Done! 😀

  2. Wow!!! This is amazing.

    This really made me think about and be grateful for such a common, taken-for-granted blessing of God.

    The last line filled me with glee and optimism!

    There is much talent in “The Cranium” resting above your neck. So let it flow down in the form of inspirational words to the paper!
    Best of luck with everything good you do, Hiba. 😀

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