Beguiling Youtube #10: Changing Teh Wurld


Hello, earthlings. So…I seem to suffer from a moderately crippling YouTube hogging problem sometimes. I found this man – Benjamin Cook (that’s the cherry headed drag queen up there). His channel is ninebrassmonkeys and he has been creating a certain multi-part documentary series called ‘Becoming YouTube’. It is kind of a sensation on the internet and people regard it as a treasure trove of genius. My emotions towards something of this nature should generally be articulated as the “ajwgwjnsbsnajwtqielxnzvajdjflfjagagroejenaksppqnrvskjsdjdkslwvskyeialbdksdhalqlajddjdjakajavrhriwuqodpnanqwdrtbskebbsajqousbcbzmzmwiyfuwkahwjeyqqirhdnnhsgs” type. But, no. The tenth installment of Becoming YouTube just released. I watched it. I shut up. And I think it is a good time for me to write this post. ~if anybody is sleepy, please nap first because this will be long~

Firstly, you ask who is Ben Cook and what is Becoming YouTube? Cook is a British journalist, writer and interviewer. He is most renowned for authoring The Writer’s Tale, which is an in depth e-mail correspondence between him and the executive producer for the fourth Doctor Who series, which occured as Cook was researching for journalistic ventures. It is described as a humorous and revealing insight into the show’s construction. Its recognition runs deep within the fandom and amongst writers in general too. Hence, Becoming YouTube being the original idea it is, doesn’t come as a surprise. However, he isn’t a traditional youtuber by any means and joined the creator’s community only 7 months ago when the documentary was launched.

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Malala Yousufzai. Her name is a synonym for bravery, out of the norm opinions, resilience and the age old expectations for change – also very cleverly making her the perfect candidate to provoke people’s fragile emotions.

Malala is just a child. Malala is an education activist. Malala survived a Taliban attack. Malala has been everywhere in the news. Malala is suddenly the west’s favorite now. Malala suddenly awakened everybody’s humanity. People with Malala’s courage and moral fiber do deserve everyone’s respect but isn’t it just inhuman that world had to see a child shot in the head to realize that? Continue reading

Healing Life Through Poison

calmEver felt tangled in a web of undeterred  difficulties? Ever experienced trying every honest, complete and desperate measure to improve them? Ever felt that despite these attempts, calamities crash down upon you like a mountain of poisoned spikes and knives? Ever felt maltreated, forsaken and betrayed by life? Well, then consider yourself blissfully lucky – yes that’s right!

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Fibbing Toothpaste Over My Keyboard!

797053_1312657559734_fullHello there internet! Today I want to talk about something that kind of annoys the hair off my head and frustrates the skin off my bones. It is what I shove blame at for bothering the very teeth off my gums – slandering, minty toothpaste! *drum-roll*

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Sam ‘Imbecile’ and Innocence of ‘Anti-Muslims’

Whenever groups of people like nations, societies or religious communities undergo problems and have to face controversy and insult, they either react to it with a violent rage or sheer indifference. I’ve always been of the latter sort, I try being as less opinionated as I can, shoving any thoughts about the issue to the back of my mind and keeping mum about it altogether.
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The Greenhouse Gas Effect…Whited Out?

Entwined amidst the suffocating humidity in the air, I sit outdoors. Smeagol* is golluming away perched on my lap and the ground feels like red-hot branding irons melting their way through my skin. Beads of sweat are steaming off my brow and my clothes are plastered to my skin like leeches. I hear the bone-dry throats of birds squeaking a subdued twittering as the sun has us enveloped in its majestic, blinding glare. A sigh drifts from my lips…

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Excuse Abuse!

Excuses excuses excuses!!

Everyone amongst us has a lazy, deceitful and reckless side. And no matter how hard the Mr. Conscientious in us tries to hush it up, it remains a fruitless endeavor. The result: introduce a sticky situation and we all end up succumbing to the pleasure of cooking up a scrumptious excuse to bluff up those idiots that stride by our lives all the time.
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